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Social Work

This is a Social Work research guide. It offers a variety of information to help you with your research needs

Social Welfare Presentation

This section of the Social Work guide generally follows your rubrics for the Social Welfare assignments for SW 2601 in hopes that access to library resources, research methods, and support will be more intuitive and helpful. Each class will have a different final product and approach, but the resources needed to reach that final product are similar.

Pay attention to the rubrics given to you in your course syllabus as this is a GUIDE based on those syllabi. If you have any questions or comments about this guide, please let Hanna know.

Below there is a tutorial that is a supplement to your text. This is also linked in Blackboard. And following, there your policy investigation. Resources for that assignment (and your presentation) are on the left, below. This is designed to prepare you for your policy analysis presentation and how to research. If you have any questions, refer to your Blackboard course.

Suggested Topics/Programs

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Social Policy Development & Analysis: Lesson for Module 5

social policy development module

Policy Analysis: Resources and Investigation Assignment

Make sure you have reviewed the Assignment Resources on the left before continuing through the Policy Investigation Assignment.

For this assignment you will need to upload your results to Blackboard.. When you have completed the investigation, from the last slide, you will see your results in a table. You will need to create a PDF of this results page to upload to Blackboard to get credit.

  1. Go to print the page

  2. Instead of selecting a printer, select  Adobe PDF

  3. Then save results PDF to your computer to upload to Blackboard, as needed

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