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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

ALICE Catalog

ALICE lists the books, videos,  magazines, journals, newspapers, & etc. in OU’s libraries.

Careful: use Articles Plus to find articles; use ALICE to find books.

Places to Find WGSS Books in the Alden Stacks

THE BROAD CATEGORY:   HQ1- HQ2044 The Family.  Marriage.  Women

flicker image feminist with big t-shirtOf which there are many parts: 

HQ19-30.7 Sexuality
HQ75-76.8 Homosexuality. Lesbianism
HQ755.7-759.92 Parents. Parenthood
HQ800-800.4 Single people
HQ801-801.83 Man-woman Relationships. Courtship. Dating
HQ811-960.7 Divorce
HQ1075-1075.5 Sex role
HQ1101-2030.7 Women. Feminism

But any topic can have a gender component: female astronauts, gays in the military, women's health,  gender and family roles, etc.

A few examples: 

  • Women and the media:  P94.5.W65  
  • Gender and anthropology: GN479.65

Words and Subject Headings

WGSS topics are under a lot of different subject headings in the library catalog.  You can search for these by trying variations on:

  • Women AND [my topic]
  • Women in [my topic]
  • (Gender or sex*) AND [my topic]

Here is the list of Women... subjects and subheadings in the catalog.

And Here's a list of "related" headings in the catalog that apply to aspects of WGSS

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Please ask me if you get tangled up in words trying to find good info for your assignment. 

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