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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Alden Library Special Collections Has Unexpected Things You Can Use

Special Collections of Alden

has many pieces: university archives, digitization projects, rare books, files on local topics.  It is worth a stop on the 5th floor to ask if they have anything useful for your topic. They have shorter hours, so plan ahead. 

Digital Archives

are the folks that are making e-copies of our most wonderful and interesting items, like all the OU yearbooks, historic campus photos, and reproductions of the work of a local embroiderer, Barnett Hook.  

  • Ohio University Course Catalogs/Bulletins  

  • Course catalogs 1831-2008. Includes undergraduate, graduate, summer, and extension. Access through the Internet Archive.
  • Political Campaign Commercials (accessible only on the Athens campus)  

  • Videos from 1952 to 2002 featuring many types of elections including federal, state, and local. Access through CONTENTdm.