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Scholarly Research Impact

This guide is designed to help you to understand the different ways to increase and measure the impact of your research.

Promote your Work: Visibility

Make your work as visible as possible by sharing it wherever you can, for example: conferences, on your personal website, through social media or other online academic networks, and OHIO University's Communication Office.

Also consider a wider audience. Write a short summary or blog about your research to make it more approachable to a wider audience, such as: policymakers, news outlets, university units, future collaborators, etc.

Social Media & Outreach Tips:

  • Follow or 'like' key authors in your field.
  • Write a summary of your work on LinkedIn or blog.
  • When you share your work, include DOIs and hyperlinks when available.
  • Have you considered a podcast or Science/Research Cafe?
  • When you post about your work, add some interesting content or a questions.
  • Post updates about your on-going work. Allow people to feel invested and a part of your process.
  • Use tags or hash tags (#) where you can to call out other authors, organizations, or topics.
  • Connect your scholarly profiles, identifiers, and social media together. For example, put your ORCID id on your Twitter profile.
  • Utilize Altmetrics to demonstrate and track your impact

Example Tweet:

Hanna's example Tweet to promote research

Promote your Work: Share your Data and More

Consider sharing your data sets, software, codes, or other digital resources through repositories and linking out from your publication. When you connect these with your scholarly identifiers, your materials can then be credited back to you as other researchers make use of them.

why share your data? saves time/money, grant compliance, promote new discovery, more visibility, more citations, transparency

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