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Scholarly Research Impact

This guide is designed to help you to understand the different ways to increase and measure the impact of your research.

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Different Levels of Open Access

Have you searched Google Scholar or even one of the OHIO Libraries' databases and have hit a pay wall? That's because information, research- even yours, costs money. Subscription-based journals cost a fee to access and either you pay that or your library does. Open Access means anyone can read that article, anytime, anywhere. So then the fee is on the author or other source.

According to recent research, Open Access articles receive on average 18% more citations than non Open Access articles  (Piwowar, 2018)

Did you know? 80% of journals will allow you to make your paper Open Access for FREE in Research Commons (

For more information, see the University of North Texas Libraries open access glossary

  Gold Open Access Green Open Access

Free public access to the final, published article

Access is immediate and permanent

Free to publish access to a version of your article

Time delay may apply (embargo period)

Fee Fee is paid for by the author, or on their behalf by a funding body or other source No fee, costs are often covered by library subscriptions
Use Determined by your license

Authors retain the right to use their articles for a wide range of purposes

Open versions of your article should have a user license attached


Publish in open access journal

Publish in a journal that supports open access as an option (a hybrid journal)

Link to your article

Selected journals feature open archives

Self-archived a version of your article, perhaps in a repository

OHIO Libraries Open Access Publishing and Self-Archiving Panel Discussion

Grant Funders Mandate OA Publishing

Some funders demand a certain level of access and you will need to comply with their policies for accessibility of your work, data, etc.

Large, global funders and grants and their standards for open access

Image: Sherer, L. (2020). Presentation for Ohio University Libraries.

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