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Scholarly Research Impact

This guide is designed to help you to understand the different ways to increase and measure the impact of your research.

What are altmetrics?

Altmetrics (alternative metrics) is an upcoming movement that attempts to broaden the scope of metrics for scholarly impact. While traditional metrics focus on citations, altmetrics focus on other types of indicators. This can include journal article indicators (page views, downloads, saves to social bookmarks), social media indicators (tweets, Facebook mentions), non-scholarly indicators (Wikipedia mentions) and more.

Find out more on how to promote your work using altmetrics and other methods on our Promote your Work tab.

Resources & Tools


Easily look up Altmetric scores for millions of articles. Also contains citations (collected from CrossRef, so it won't necessarily match Web of Science OR Google Scholar counts)


Scholars can create their own scholarly profile, with unique URL, integrating many available resources of altmetrics data. Scholarly works can be imported from sources like PubMedGitHub and SlideShare or manually added. Works can be "saved", "cited", "discussed" and "viewed".

Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish calculates many metrics, including h-index and variations of the h-index, based on downloaded Google Scholar data. creates an "altmetric score" based on available altmetrics to indicate overall level of activity, separated into several categories of indicators. Scores can be generated through an importable bookmarklet or can often be seen integrated into Scopus search results.

Plum Analytics

Tracks more than 20 different types of artifacts, including journal articles, books, videos, presentations, conference proceedings, datasets, source code, cases, and more.


A free, online research-collaboration platform and reference manager. Mendeley's metrics include how often papers are downloaded, shared with colleagues, and commented on. Mendeley also has an altmetrics group for researchers.


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