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Social & Public Health

Guide includes help for Public Health, Health Administration, and similar programs.

Research Session Lesson

This library session was designed to guide you in your research for your critique of the literature, specifically for this class.

This session will cover several parts in tabs:

  1. Navigating the library's website and getting full-text
  2. Developing research topics
  3. How and where to search for your topics

After you have completed all parts, complete the session quiz/practice (below).

I would also appreciate any feedback you may have to enhance this session.

You are more than welcome to reach out to me, Hanna, at any time.

Navigating the library and getting full-text

Watch this video to see where you click on the library's homepage to access different materials.

The second video will show you how to access full-text by searching ArticlesPlus. However, the process is just about the same for all other databases, even PubMed.

Still can't get the full-text of your article? Then contact Hanna, the library chat's service, or request the article through interlibrary loan for free.

Developing research topics

Your assignment: Write a comprehensive critique of the literature with a problem statement you create based on the outcomes of the course, which are:

  • Describe public health based on the historical and current context
  • Explain the core functions of public health
  • Compare the organization, structure and function of health care, public health and regulatory systems across national and international settings
  • Demonstrate understanding of key public health concepts, processes, methods, and data that are essential in understanding a public health problem and the approaches essential to public health practice. 
  • Describe how biological, environmental, social, economic, behavioral, cultural, and other factors that impact human health, influence the global and societal burden of disease, and contribute to health disparities as well as specific individual and community health outcomes.
Need some ideas for topics in public health? Check out the tab on this guide under, Searching Tips and Tricks.

How and where to search for your topics

This video will help you take your topic and start searching databases effectively.

See my Searching Tips & Tricks tab for more visuals and examples of searching strategically.

There are suggested databases linked below. Others may be more appropriate depending upon your topic. See other options on my 'Finding Articles & More' tab or by reaching out to Hanna. I would be happy to schedule an online appointment with you to help.

Session Quiz & Practice