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Library Research Process

This guide provides introductory information and tips on the research process.

1. Subject Databases

Besides Articles Plus, we have MORE THAN 500 OTHER DATABASES, mostly centered on a particular subject.  

Browse our list organized by subject to get a list of databases for your topic. 

Subject databases are most important when you need a particular point of view on a topic: 

2. Subject and Course Guides

A list of databases for your major can still be too many!  Of the 39 databases listed under "International Studies," which one should you use? 

Subject specialist librarians write Subject Guides to point out the most important databases (and other types of resources), to make that a little easier for you.  

So, for example, the International Studies Librarian offers this short list of databases you can concentrate on. 


ArticlesPlus or Not ArticlesPlus?

flickr image: feminist with flowerWhich is better?

Topic example: the search, "Image and Media and Women"

But you can't use all 1,000 hits, let alone 20,000.

What do you want?

  • If you want every possible point of view, use Articles Plus.
  • If you want pointed, especially feminist writing, use GenderWatch, a WGSS database.