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This guides describes how to find newspapers for research projects.

Student Newspapers

The Green and White for Otober 4, 1927

The Green & White (1911-1939)

Ohio University's student newspaper was known as The Green & White from 1911-1939. The Green & White has been entirely digitized and is available on the Libraries' Digital Initiatives site. It is also on microfilm on the first floor of Alden Library.

Read online On microfilm

The Post for September 24, 1969

The Post (1939-present)

Ohio University's student newspaper became The Post in 1939. Issues of The Post from 1960 to 1970 and 1999-2011 have been digitized. All issues of The Post are available on microfilm on the first floor of Alden Library.

Read online On microfilm

Afro-American Affairs for November 3, 1970

Afro-American Affairs (1970-1982)

This newsletter was written and published by students of Ohio Universty's Black Studies Institute, later known as the Center for Afro-American Studies. Early issues were published twice monthly, but by 1975, the paper had begun appearing only once per semester. All issues of newsletter have been digitized and are also on microfilm on the first floor of Alden Library

Read online On microfilm

Searching OU Student Papers

These digital records are searchable, but not in the way most databases work.  

  1.  You can browse by date, if you just want to browse.  
  2.            or, Because each day's paper is titled with its date, you can use that to search by date.  Click on Advanced Search, choose search by title, and put in the date.  
  3. Add a row in the advanced search and add your topic, choosing "all the words" or "any of the words" or "phrase" to take the place of AND, OR
  4. In the results, you have a set of newspapers. Open each result (the full issue of the paper) and put your topic in, again, in the "search this issue" box to find the page and article. It will be highlighted with a red border.  
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