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JOUR 2311: Multiplatform Reporting & Writing

Finding Voting Records

Ohio Voting Records

The Ohio Secretary of State website has voting info by county in the Voting & Elections section of the site:

  • voting & elections > voters > register to vote/update your address > update your ohio voting address > check the status of your voter registration online -- put in person's info (for street put the street name only) to see in which elections they voted
  • voting & elections > candidates > county voter file download -- download and get a voter party affiliation and which party they declared in each election (open downloaded file with Excel)

The Athens County Board of Elections has election results online, but no records about individual voters (inquire at Athens Co. Board of Elections for anything not online)

(should work similarly in other states or voting districts)

Finding Driving Records

Ohio Driving Records

In Ohio you must send a request to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a copy of your driving record.

To see the record of another person you must also state that you have consent from the individual authorizing the release of their driving record to you.

Other U.S. states

Other states have various request forms and limited online access to driving and vehicle related records.  see example

Vital Records

Birth & Death Certificates

(other states work similarly)

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