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JOUR 2311: Multiplatform Reporting & Writing

Getting Started with Statistics

Where do I find Statistics?

There are many sources for statistics, such as the U.S. government, non-profit research organizations, and educational institutions. The resources on this page will get you started.

Understanding Statistics

Statista & Other Places to Search for Stats

Pew Research Center: "Numbers, Facts & Trends Shaping Your World"

The Pew Research Center provides nonpartisan research and statistical analysis on public opinion and social trends. The Pew focuses on seven projects, each with its own website:

Also at the Pew Research Center

The Pew's "All Things Census" site is an ongoing collection of commentary & resources on the 2010 Census findings.

The Pew also provides data such as:

  • a daily statistical number that demonstrates a recent trend, accompanied by an article with links to related information
  • key indicators -- national, political, economic and demographic trends
  • datasets you can download *

* NOTE: If you want to download a dataset cited by Pew and can't find a data download link on any Pew site, try searching for the same data in ICPSR (the library has a subscription to ICPSR)

Simply Map -- Map US Demographic Data

Mapping U.S. Demographic Data

SimplyMap is a powerful tool that allows users to select specific data sets and build custom demographic maps & reports for U.S. locations, down to the county, city or census tract level. (more about SimplyMap)


Notes about the use of SimplyMap:

  • Our license agreement allows only five users to log on to SimplyMap at one time.
  • Users who would like to save their work should “Create a Personal Workspace.”
  • Reports can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheet format.

 To get help using SimplyMap, try the tutorials at the top right of the SimplyMap homepage, or Ask an Alden Library staff member for help.

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