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JOUR 2311: Multiplatform Reporting & Writing

Finding Government Information

Government Information in 3 Steps

  1. Identify the government agency that would be likely to publish the type of information you need.
  2. Go to that agnecy's website using a directory of government agencies or by searching Google for the name of the department.
  3. Browse the agency's website for information on your topic. Most pages will have their own search option or an A to Z list of their activities or projects.
    • Tip: you can limit a Google search to a particular site by formatting a search lik this:
      • site:URL of government site AND topic
      • Example: hunger -- This Google search will show you results matching "hunger" on the USDA website
    • You can also search or use the site, which will limit your results to those in the .gov domain.



Subjects: Journalism