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Home Improvement Stores Industry Guide

Research tips, tools, and databases for researching the home improvement retail industry

Consumers & Customers

 Use the resources below to find market research reports, data, demographics, psychographics, and statistics about consumers and customers in the home improvement, home improvement retail, or DIY retail industry. 

  • Search Mintel for "home," "home improvement," "DIY," "home decor," "lawn products," etc. to find market research reports
  • These reports will describe consumer motivations, customer demographics, market trends, and more.


Use Simmons to find:

  • national-level demographic profiles of home improvement stores consumers.
  • consumer attitudes about home improvement and DIY projects
  • demographics of consumers of specific home improvement retail brands and companies

Note:  For a basic demographic profile, use the Quick Reports found under "Essentials"  as shown is this video.

Use WARC to find articles, case studies and reports that discuss how companies are marketing to fitness consumers.  

  • Suggested search terms to start include "home improvement" or by company name

Suggested searches include:

  • home improvement in USA 
  • home and garden specialist retailers in USA 
  • You can also change "USA" to another country for international information

I also suggest you use the Industries tab to browse the Home & Garden topic for relate reports and analysis.