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Home Improvement Stores Industry Guide

Research tips, tools, and databases for researching the home improvement retail industry

Industry Analysis, Reports, & Statistics

The resources on this page help you to get a broad understanding of the industry.  Make sure you use multiple sources to get the most well-rounded view of the industry as possible. 

See Industry Research Basics for more general research tips.

  • IbisWorld is a great place to get started with researching the industry

  • Simply search for “home improvement”, “home center," "hardware,"  etc. to find reports to get a broad understanding of the U.S. industry.

  • Note that you may want to also check out other reports for paint stores, home decor stores, etc. 


  • The industry reports in First Research compliment IbisWorld for a general understanding of the industry

  • Search for "home improvement," "hardware," etc.  to find relevant reports that may offer another perspective on the industry.


  • Use Statista to find statistics on companies, consumers, or the market size of the industry.
  • Search by company name or by industry topic.
  • Try "home improvement"  or a company name, such as "Lowe's" to get started.


More Specific Home Improvement Retail Information

Use Passport to find excellent reports that tend to have more consumer information than the sources above.

Suggested searches include:

  • home improvement in USA 
  • home and garden specialist retailers in USA 
  • You can also change "USA" to another country for international information

I also suggest you use the Industries tab to browse the Home & Garden topic for relate reports and analysis.


Industry Trade Publications and Websites

  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications, articles and reports about the home improvement retail industry or about companies in the industry. 

Below are a few trade sites and organizations that provide useful information grocery stores  industry.  I will add to the list as I discover additional useful links. Note that these links goe to the free websites.  We do not subscribe so some reports may be behind a paywall.

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