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CLAR 2110: Greek Archaeology

How to find books, articles, maps, images, etc. relating to Greek archaeology. The Guide is also relevant for 3000-level courses.

Spelling Variations

One of the challenges in doing research on Islam is the fact that there are often several spellings for the same word. Transliteration is a term that means changing words from one writing system into another.. Over the years there have been a number of ways that ancient Greek names and words have been rendered into English.

Here are some common variations that you should be aware of in developing your Search Strategy:

  • Hagia Triadha or Hagia Triada or Aghia Triada or Ayia Triada
  • Phaistos or Phaestos or Festos
  • Knossos or Cnossus
  • Dionysus or Dionysos

This is where it will really help to use the Boolean connector OR to group sets of words. Combining OR with AND in searches can maximize both the focus and the quality of your search results. Our Search Strategy Builder tool (below) will help you set up a good search which you can "plug in" to ALICE, article databases, or other online sources.