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CLAR 2110: Greek Archaeology

How to find books, articles, maps, images, etc. relating to Greek archaeology. The Guide is also relevant for 3000-level courses.

L'Annee Philologique and Other Classics Databases

The ArticlesPlus searchbox on the first page of this Guide will help you with basic research in Classics.

Logo for l'annee philologiqueFor in-depth research, however, use L'Annee Philologique, the main research database for Classics.

  • Includes journal articles, books, dissertations, etc.
  • Coverage is from 1924 to date.
  • Search for either ancient authors or modern scholars, as well as various subjects and disciplines.

And don't worry about the French title; a loose translation is "The year in Classical Studies." The database is very international in scope, with an English interface and many English-language sources. 

Other Databases