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CLAR 2110: Greek Archaeology

How to find books, articles, maps, images, etc. relating to Greek archaeology. The Guide is also relevant for 3000-level courses.


The ParthenonThis Guide is designed for use by students in CLAR 2110: Greek Archaeology, taught by Dr. Ruth Palmer. Its purpose is to provide resources and tips for doing research projects for this class.

Many of the resources listed here are limited to use by members of Ohio University. If you are using the Guide off-campus, you will need to do a brief login to identify yourself as a member of Ohio University before you can use these resources.

Start with ArticlesPlus below and then go on to other pages in this Guide for additional sources.


ArticlesPlus is a single database which searches the contents of more than 200 databases all at the same time. Using this one searchbox above, you can find items from:

  • All EBSCOhost databases that we have
  • All JSTOR journals that we have
  • ISI Web of Knowledge
  • Several newspaper databases
  • Our ALICE Catalog (books, videos, names of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and more)
  • ...and much more

ArticlesPlus does not include everything. We have numerous additional databases--including about two dozen from ProQuest--that are not included in ArticlesPlus. To find and connect to these, consult the Databases feature in ALICE.

Spring 2016 Image

Cretan Snake Goddess statuette

What is this object?  (Click to enlarge.) What are its material, date, findspot, and dimensions? Look at and evaluate the kinds of information provided by these following sources:  

  1. Textbook: J. G. Pedley, Greek Art and Archaeology. 5th ed, 2012. Use the index as well as the chapter sections on Bronze Age Crete.   
  2. ALICE (this page):  Choose several different combinations of keywords to search (see this page).
  3. ArticlesPlus (above):  Choose several different combinations of keywords to search.  This search engine includes online encyclopedia entries. See also other databases on this page.
  4. ARTstor image database (this page): (You need to set up an account to save images from ARTstor.)  Choose several different combinations of keywords to search. 
  5. Flickr (this page), and other image databases.