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Citation Styles

Citing tips and tricks from several styles.

Chicago Style

What is Chicago Style? 

Chicago Style comes from the Chicago Manual of Style, published by the University of Chicago Press. The style guide covers specifics of language throughout a document, as well as a style for citation. 

In-Text Citation 

Chicago Style can refer to two different ways of citing sources: 

  1. using footnotes or end notes, along with a bibliography (see chapter 14 in the Chicago Manual of Style
  2. using author-date parenthetical citations along with a reference list (see chapter 15 in the Chicago Manual of Style

Bibliography or Reference List 

Each of the two styles has their own format for the list of cited sources at the end of a paper. In both cases, however, the sources appear in alphabetical order. See the linked chapters above or the list of recommended resources below. 

Chicago Style Guides & Resources

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