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AAS: African American Studies

Main guide for resources and information on African American Studies (AAS)

Citing Images, APA

Image With No Author, Title, or Date

[Subject and type of work]. (n.d.). URL


[Photograph of person washing hands]. (n.d.).

Note: You still need to cite the image even if you are missing much of the information. Please try to find images that do provide this information.

Photograph from a Website:

Note: If no title, add a description in brackets.

Rinaldi, J. (2016). [Photograph series of a boy who finds his footing after abuse by those he trusted]. The Pulitzer Prizes.

McCurry, S. (1985). Afghan girl [Photograph]. National Geographic.

Google Images:

Go to the original location (website) of the image and cite in one of the formats above.