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Sports Sponsorship & Marketing

Key tips and tools to align fan demographics with products, companies, industries, and markets.

Help Videos For Local Market Analysis

Analyze the Local Market

After you research the consumer market for your sport, team, company, or product, you will want to adapt that data down to the local level.  The resources below can help you find information about your local market to combine with national consumer market and fan trends.

  • Use SimplyAnalytics to know how many people in your market area buy a product, belong to a certain demographic, and more. 
  • As an example, you could use SimplyAnalytics to find data by zip code on the percentage of people in Columbus, Ohio, who are very interested in watching NFL games, while also showing the location of Applebees restaurants in the area.

Simply Analytics Tips and Tricks

My Simply Analytics Guide walks you through the process of analyzing the consumer demand in a region. 

Search Tips

This video demonstrates how to find the percentage of people in a particular area who are interested (or not) in watching or attending professional sports. This video uses the NFL as an example but the same search can be performed for a variety of other variables.  Note that the interface to SimplyAnalytics has changed somewhat since filming.  

  • Use Mergent Intellect to identify and locate competitors of your potential sponsor.
  • You can also use this to create a contact list of companies that you'd like to solicit.
  • Use Bizminer to better understand the health of your sponsor's industry in the local region.
  • You will want to use census data to compare how your local market demographics align with the more general national demographics of a consumer market (like what you find in Simmons, Mintel, and Passport)