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Sports Sponsorship & Marketing

Key tips and tools to align fan demographics with products, companies, industries, and markets.

Consumer Research & Fan Data

After you get a good idea about the larger industry, you’ll want to research the consumers in your market.  Market research reports, data, and statistics found in the resources below are an excellent place to start.

  • Use Sports Market Analytics to find demographics of fans by specific sports.
  • You can then use Mintel and Simmons to see how those demographics align with product categories. 
Search tips

The video below demonstrates how to use Sport Market Analytics.  The interface has changed slightly since this was filmed, but it is not radically different. 

  • Mintel has some excellent market research reports that cover the sports industry, such as “Marketing to Sports Fans.”
  • Mintel also has excellent reports for consumer markets, so you can find anything from who buys candles, dines at casual restaurants, or is buying the next Playstation or Xbox.
  • Passport contains very in-depth reports on international consumer markets. 
    • As an example, you could use Passport to understand the Men's Toiletries & Grooming Products in any country to understand that consumer market for sponsorship alignment
    • The Consumer Lifestyles reports can be used to understand how consumers in each country spend their money and their time.
  • Passport has some useful information in a report called “Sporting and Recreational Services" for several major international markets.   You can find this report by searching for the title in the Passport search box.

Check out my guide for Tips & Tricks on Using Simmons.

  • WARC is a great place to look for case studies about advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Simply search for a product, your company, or similar company to find case studies about what worked and what did not.