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Quick Service Restaurant Industry Guide

The super-sized guide for industry analysis, consumer profiles and demographics, company information, and more for the fast food or quick service restaurant industry.

Project 1 Research Session Exercise

 The targeted questions below will help you get started on your research project.  Use the Quick Service Restaurant guide and work as a team to answer the questions.  

Industry Reports (15 minutes)

1.    When starting out, you’ll want a broad overview of the industry.  Use IbisWorld to find relevant reports for the industry.  Name a few reports that might be useful.

2.    First Research is also good for a broad view of the industry.  Name relevant reports that could be useful.  While in a report, look at the Call Prep Questions and Websites & Acronyms sections.  How might those sections of a First Research report be useful?

3.    Passport provides both US and Global data for consumer industries.  Use Passport to find relevant reports for the industry.   Name a few reports that can be useful for your project.   What search tips can you share with your colleagues?

Companies & Competitors (10 minutes)

4.    Use Mergent Online to look for company information about companies in the industry.  Find a company profile for McDonald’s.  Explore and note what kind of information is there.  How can this information be useful for your project?

5.    Use D&B Hoover’s to search for a company in the quick service restaurant industry.  What information do you find in D&B Hoover’s that is different/not available in Mergent Online?

Consumers & Customers (15 minutes)

6.    Use Mintel to find reports about consumers in the industry.  Name a few reports that might be useful. Open one of the reports then go to the Interactive Databook.  What kind of information is there and how might it be useful?

7.    Use Simmons Insights to create a Demographic Profile of someone who eats at Wendy’s. What kind of information is available there?