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Quick Service Restaurant Industry Guide

The super-sized guide for industry analysis, consumer profiles and demographics, company information, and more for the fast food or quick service restaurant industry.

Comparing Companies in the Industry

  • Search D&B Hoover's for company's within the industry
  • Use the company news, SWOT Analysis, Analysis Reports, and Peer Analysis to understand the companies within the industry
  • Search Investext for public companies within the Quick Service Restaurant industry
  • Investext reports will analyze specific companies, or groups of companies, while discussing industry trends and competitors.
  • Use the 10-K filings (often called annual reports) of public companies within the industry, such as McDonald's, Wendy's, etc. 
  • Look at the Business Summary and Risk Factors (Item 1 and 1A), which is where the company will describe industry challenges
  • Item 7, Management’s Discussion and Analysis, also gives the company's perspective on its business results and how it is doing within the industry.
  • 10-Ks can be found in D&B Hoover's in the tab to the left, or via the SEC website, linked below. 

Tools for Local Competitor and Peer Analysis

  • Use Mergent Intellect to identify and locate potential competitors in your industry. 
  • Is there room in the market for your new business?
  • How are the other companies doing?  (look at estimated sales)
  • In addition to understanding the industry's health in your region, you can use the "Industry Market Report" in Bizminer to generate a list of competitors.
  • In addition to finding demographics of your local market, you can also use the "Business" feature to map locations of companies by name or industry.
  • You can use the information to generate a list of competitors and their addresses.