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Quick Service Restaurant Industry Guide

The super-sized guide for industry analysis, consumer profiles and demographics, company information, and more for the fast food or quick service restaurant industry.

Tools for Broad Industry Research

  • Simply search for “restaurants”, “fast food,” etc. to find reports to get a broad understanding of the industry.

  • Search for Fast Food to find relevant reports that may offer another perspective on the industry.

  • Use Statista to find statistics on companies, consumers, or the market size of the fast food /QSR industry.
  • Search by company name or by industry topic 

Industry Trade Publications and Websites

  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade publications, articles and reports about the quick service restaurant industry.
  • Trade publications are especially useful as they give you an insider's look into the industry.

Below are a few trade sites and organizations that provide useful information on the QSR industry.  I will add to the list as I discover additional useful links. Note that these links goe to the free websites.  We do not subscribe so some reports may be behind a paywall.