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Pet Industry Guide

Analyze the pet industry including pet retail, pet care, pet boarding, and more.

Consumers & Customers

Use these resources to better understand the pet industry's consumers and customers.  These resources will provide consumer demographics, customer trends, buying behavior, and more. 

  • Search for "pet" yields reports such as:
    • Pet Supplies
    • America's Pet Owners
    • Pet Food
    • Pet Store Retailing
  • In addition to the full reports, be sure to check out the "Databook" in each of the reports to dig deep into consumer demographics and psychographics (purchasing motivations, buying behaviors, etc.)

Use Simmons to create a demographic profile of pet consumers

  1. Under "Essentials", click on "Quick Reports"
  2. Select "Demographic Profile"
  3. Enter search terms (dog, cat, pet, brand of dog food, etc. ) in the search box and select the variable
  4. Select the variable, then click the Target to "Move to Target"
  5. Click the arrow to "Run Analysis"
  • To get started,  search for "Pet Care in the US" (or insert another country) to find a country report for the industry
    • Use the "Related" tab in the report to find additional reports
  • For more in-depth coverage, look under "Industries" in the top menu, navigate to "Pet Care"
  • Use WARC to find articles and cases studies about marketing campaigns.
  • Search by product or company name to find some useful articles about how companies are reaching consumers in the industry.