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Pet Industry Guide

Analyze the pet industry including pet retail, pet care, pet boarding, and more.

Companies & Competitors

Use the resources below to gather a better understanding about the companies in the pet care industry.

Start by looking for information about the larger or publicly-held companies first.  You'll find a good deal of information about the industry by looking at Pet Smart, Petco, etc. 

Note that most of the large companies in the pet industry are privately held, or subsidiaries of larger companies,  so detailed financial information will not be available. 

  • Search for a larger company, such as PetSmart, to find information.
  • Check out the competitors page to identify other companies in the industry
  • Search PrivCo for names of private companies in the pet industry
  • You can also search by industry keyword
    1. Click the Search icon on the left side of the page
    2. Scroll down the search page to the "Keywords" box below "Industries"
    3. Search for Pet Care or Pet Products
    4. You can filter the list by location, size, etc. 
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry code to identify companies
  • Relevant SIC codes include:
    • 599911 (Pets and Pet Supplies)
    •  72999911 (Pet sitting, in-home)
    • 075202 (Animal boarding services)
    • 07520303    Training services, pet and animal specialties (not horses)    
  • Relevant NAICs codes, which may retrieve some additional companies, include:
    • 45391 (Pet and Pet Supplies Stores)
    • 81291 Pet Care (except Veterinary) Services