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Pet Industry Guide

Analyze the pet industry including pet retail, pet care, pet boarding, and more.

Industry Reports & Statistics

The databases below contain industry overviews, analysis, and statistics.  Use each resource to  gather a significant understanding of the pet industry.  

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips and strategies for each database.

  • A search for "pet" finds reports for pet stores, online pet food and supplies, pet grooming, and more.
  • Reports cover the U.S. industry only
  • Note that we do not subscribe to the state or international reports in IbisWorld
  • A search for "pets" finds pet care, pet supplies, and pet food.
  • Contains some global perspective on the industry, in addition to the U.S. coverage.
  • Use the call prep questions in each report to help guide your own research questions.
  • To get started,  search for "Pet Care in the US" (or insert another country) to find a country report for the industry
    • Use the "Related" tab in the report to find additional reports
  • For more in-depth coverage, look under "Industries" in the top menu, navigate to "Pet Care"
  • a search for pets, pet care, pet food, types of pets, pet company names, etc. yields relevant statistics
  • Use the "Source" tab to find additional information