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Movie Theaters Industry Guide

Essential resources for researching and understanding the movie theater and cinema industry.

Local Industry, Market, & Consumer Information

Use the resources below to gather information about the movie theater industry in a local market (city, county, state, zip code, etc.) .  Local market data includes:

  • Industry financial averages, ratios, and statistics 
  • Movie theater companies in the local market
  • General demographics and economic characteristics of the region
  • Consumer demand, trends, and buying behavior for movie theaters and attendance

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips and strategies for each database.

Bizminer is very useful to gather industry financial ratios and averages for the movie theater industry at the state, city, county, or even zip code level (when available)

  1. Use the search box to search for "theaters" to find "Motion Picture Theaters" and "Drive-in Motion Picture Theaters"
  2. Click show Reports
  3.  Choose one of the following
    • Industry Market Report
    • Competitive Market Narrative
    • Local Financial Reports


Types of reports

  • Industry Market Report - This is useful for finding competitors, map,  startup market share, cessation (going out of business) rates, sales, and more.  
  • Competitive Market Narrative - This report takes the data from the Industry Market Report and compares it to national data in paragraph form.
  • Local Financial Reports -  Typically only available for states and larger cities.  Contains local/regional industry averages  including balance sheet, profit-loss, and ratios.


From  Mergent Intellect home page, you can

  • Gather demographics of a city, county, state, or region
  • Find Consumer Data and profiles for a specific location
  • Search by Resident to find information about specific people

Use Mergent Intellect to find Consumer Data, Demographics, and more

  • Use SimplyAnalytics to know how many people in your market area go to movie theaters.  
  • Also use to find data on the general demographic and economic characteristics of the region
  • You can create data of the region and lists of the businesses in the area