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Movie Theaters Industry Guide

Essential resources for researching and understanding the movie theater and cinema industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting a lot of similar questions from students about available information for the movie theater industry and companies in the industry.  Below are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I find demographics and psychographics for consumers of specific movie theater companies/brands?

Simmons would be the best bet for the specific brand and to find demographics of the Regal/Carmike/AMC, etc. customers.  Watch the video on my tips tab for Simmons.  When you get to Movie Theaters, there will be a category for Movie Theaters I visit the most.    There you can find AMC, Carmike, Regal, etc.  Unfortunately, all of the demographic profiles are very similar, demonstrating that there really is not much demographic or consumer difference among the brands. 

You might want to get confirmation from you faculty that you need demographics and pscychographics at the company/brand level, as I don’t see that much difference in the individual available company demographics in Simmons (I’ve told them this as well).  Mintel and Simmons both give great information about the general movie goer, however.   I would imagine when asked survey questions about the movie theaters, most consumers aren’t thinking “I like AMC better than Carmike.”  They’re probably thinking “I like the theater on that side of town or near that restaurant or this theater is cleaner than that one.”

You might also look at the Earnings Conference Calls in Nexis Uni.    Use the Tips tab for directions, but search for your company (provided it is a public company).  Those transcripts may have some information about their customers. Use the Cnrl+F to search for terms such as attendance, loyalty, customers, concessions, popcorn, etc.

Where can I find more specific company financial information for Regal?

Subsidiary information, especially from international companies, can be challenging!  Regal is a subsidiary of Cineworld.   I don’t see where the break segment out their subsidiary financial information  directly, but perhaps in the latest annual report you can find a mention of percentage of sales from Regal.  If you use Cntrl+F, there are 107 instances of “Regal” in the latest Cineworld annual report found in Mergent Online.   

I’d also look at the Earnings Conference calls through Nexis Uni.  Click on the Tips tab to find an example of how to do the search, but search for your company (the ultimate parent company) instead.   Those Conference Call transcripts are a great way to understand current trends with the company, as well as to get some glimpses of how their subsidiaries are performing. Use Cntrl+F to Find all instances of Regal in the documents.  


Where can I find supplier information for a company in the industry?

Use Mergent Online (not Intellect) to search for the name of your company.  (This may not work for all companies in the industry)   Once you have the company profile, click the Supply Chain tab, then suppliers.    That will get you a list of companies that they do business with.  

Screenshot demonstrating the steps outlined above