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Movie Theaters Industry Guide

Essential resources for researching and understanding the movie theater and cinema industry.

Consumers & Customers

Use these resources to better understand the movie theater consumers and customers.  These resources will provide consumer demographics, customer trends, buying behavior, and more. 

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips and strategies for each database.

  • Find market research reports about consumers and customers of movie theaters, as well as lifestyle and entertainment trends
  • Search for "movie," "entertainment," "video," etc. to find relevant reports
  • Be sure to check out the Databook for each report to find demographics and build custom charts and graphs

Video Tip

The video below shows how to use Mintel to find market research reports about movie theater customers and leisure and entertainment trends. 

  • Use Simmons to create Demographic Profiles of people who go to the movies
  • Also use to compare with consumers who watch movies at home


Video Tips

  • WARC has some excellent coverage of movie consumers in the current and post-COVID world
  • To find articles about films and movie consumers:
    1.  Click on the Topics button from the WARC home page
    2. On the next page, click "Categories"
    3. Select "Films & Movies" from the Media & Publishing box