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Movie Theaters Industry Guide

Essential resources for researching and understanding the movie theater and cinema industry.

Industry Reports & Statistics

The databases below contain industry overviews, analysis, and statistics.  Use each resource to  gather a significant understanding of the movie theater industry.  

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips and strategies for each database.

  • Use Ibisworld to look for the Movie Industries in the U.S. report
  • There are other relevant reports for DVD & Video Rental or Movie & Video Distribution.
  • Be careful about citing IbisWorld too much.  We have so many other resources to use as well!
  • Search First Research for "movies" to find several relevant reports
  • Be sure to check out the "Call Prep Questions" of each report, which can help you brainstorm additional ideas to research
  • First Research reports will offer more discussion of the global industry than IbisWorld
  • Search by industry name or company to find statistics 
  • Be sure to look at the source tab to find the original source of the data, which can lead to additional information
  • Search for Movie Theatres (Passport uses the British spelling)  to find Company Shares of the industry (market share)

  • Company/Market share can give you an idea of how the industry is divided among the major players

  • Company share data is available annually from 2010 to present for the United States and many major international markets

Video Tips