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Ice Cream Industry Research Guide

Get the "scoop" on all of the "cool" resources for researching the ice cream industry.

Local Market, Industry, and Company Information

Use the resources below to gather information about the ice cream industry in a local market (city, county, state, zip code, etc.) .  Local market data includes:

  • Industry financial averages, ratios, and statistics for some industry sectors
  • Ice cream companies in the local market
  • General demographics and economic characteristics of the region
  • Consumer demand, trends, and buying behavior 
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry code to create a list of companies in the industry
  • You can use this to build a list of companies or competitors by location.
  • Suggested industry codes:
    • SIC 2024 - Ice Cream Manufacturing
    • SIC 511202 - Ice cream, soft drink, and soda fountain stand
  • The video below shows how to use the above search strategy, using Coffee Shops as an example.  You should be able to follow the steps with the codes above to retrieve a list of companies.