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Beauty & Personal Care Industry Guide

Key resources to research, analyze, and understand the industry

Industry Reports & Statistics

The databases below contain industry overviews, analysis, and statistics.  Use each resource to  gather a significant understanding of the beauty and personal care industry.  

Use the  "Tips" tabs  for specific search tips, keywords,  and strategies for each database.

  • A search for "beauty" finds reports such as "Beauty, Cosmetics, and Fragrance Stores" as well as the manufacturing sided of the industry
  • Passport does a great job of covering the smaller sectors and product categories of the beauty and personal care industry.  
  • It is excellent for both US and international markets


Find Country Reports about the Industry

  1.  Select Industries from the top navigation menu and choose "Beauty & Personal Care"
  2. On the next page*, scroll to the middle to find the "Country Reports" box
  3. Select the Category and Geography
  4. Click "Go" to find reports based on your search criteria

*You can also use the "Beauty & Personal Care" home page to find company profiles, industry forecast, analyst commentaries, and loads of data.

a screenshot of Passport database showing the steps described above

  • A search for "beauty" finds reports for beauty supply stores, hair care services, and personal care products.