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Beauty & Personal Care Industry Guide

Key resources to research, analyze, and understand the industry

Companies & Competitors

Use the resources below to gather a better understanding about the companies in the beauty & personal care industry.

Start by looking for information about the larger or publicly-held companies first, since it is a lot more challenging to find private company information. 

  • Use Mergent Online to find information about large public companies.  Just search by company name.
  • If you are just getting started, use Mergent to search for a known company, and then click on the "Competitors" tab to find other companies in the industry.  

a screenshot showing how to find competitors in Mergent, as described above

  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry code to identify companies in the industry by location
  • From the Advanced Search Page:
    1. Click on Industry
    2. In the SIC Tree, browse to (5) Wholesale & Retail Trade"
    3. Select the Drop-Down Menu for (59) Miscellaneous Retail then 5999 miscellaneous stores nec
    4. Continue filtering until you find the industry sector you are looking for.  
    5. Check the boxes to add industries to your search, and then select "Add to Criteria" at the bottom of the page.
    6. Click search, or go back to the top of the page to limit by location, size, or other criteria. 
  • Note that sometimes you can go too granular and not get enough results.  If this is the case, go up one level in the SIC tree to select a broader industry sector.