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Amusement & Theme Parks Industry Guide

Research is a roller coaster -- This guide can keep you on track ;-)

Market Research & Consumer Demographics

Use the resources below to find market research reports and consumer demographic information.  

For additional tips, visit my Consumer Research & Marketing Guide.

Market Research Reports

Use Mintel to find market research reports about the amusement park industry, as well as understand vacation and travel trends.  These reports will give you a great deal of information and analysis about customers in the industry, as well as data about consumer trends, demographics, and more. 

Search Tips

  • Search by keyword or browse by category to find the reports for Theme Park Destinations, Leisure Trends, American Lifestyles, Consumers & the Economic Outlook, as well as others, to gather consumer perspectives on the industry.
  • Make sure you look for the Interactive Databook in each report to find data for demographics, attitudes, behaviors, etc. 
    • Note that while Mintel does not use the term "psychographics," the reports and databooks are excellent to find those consumer attitudes, beliefs, attitudes, etc. 

Consumer Demographic Data

Use Simmons to build a Demographic Profile of consumers of a particular product or brand.  You can also build data tables to do cross tab analysis of the data.