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Amusement & Theme Parks Industry Guide

Research is a roller coaster -- This guide can keep you on track ;-)

Companies & Competitors

Use the resources below to find information about companies in the amusement and theme park industry.  

General Company Information

Use D&B Hoovers to find information about public and private companies in the industry. 

Search Tips

  • Search by company name.
  • Note that private company information, such as sales and other financials, will be modelled estimates. 
  • If you find a company that is a subsidiary, look for information about the parent company. 
  • For public companies you will find more information, such as SWOT analysis, Analyst Reports, etc. 

Companies and Competitors by Location

Mergent Intellect is especially useful in locating companies in the amusement/theme park industry by location.  

Search Tips

  • Use the Company Keyword box to search for specific companies by name
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry. and Location 
    • Look for SIC Code 7966 or NAICS Code 71311
    • This can help you generate a list of companies and competitors in the industry in a particular location.

Company & Competitor Analysis

Use Mergent Online to find public company financial information, annual reports, stock reports, supply chain information,  and to create company comparison tables.

Search Tips

  • Search for public companies
  • Use the Competitors tab to compare companies
  • Use the Company Reports --> "Broker research reports" to find stock and analyst reports

Private Company Information

Use PrivCo to find information about private companies in the industry.