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Amusement & Theme Parks Industry Guide

Research is a roller coaster -- This guide can keep you on track ;-)

Industry Reports

Use the resources below to find industry reports and industry analysis about the amusement and theme park industry, as well relevant related industries.


IbisWorld is a great place to get started for general industry information. 

Search Tips

  • simply search by keyword to find relevant reports for the industry
  • If you find citations in the reports, Google the source to find additional information
  • Make sure you consult other resources in addition to IbisWorld


Use Passport to find both U.S. and international industry reports for the amusement and theme park industry. 

First Research

Use First Research for find additional overviews about an industry.

Search Tips

  • Search by keyword to find industry reports
  • Be sure to check out the "Call Prep Questions" section of a report to help you brainstorm research ideas
  • Likewise, check out the "Websites & Acronyms" section to find additional places to look for good information