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Getting Articles' Full Text

Plan A:

In MOST of our databases, you will either see an option for the PDF, which makes your life very easy, or Get Full Text. However, you may also see a couple icons. The first icons most likely will be the publisher, they want your money. ALWAYS click on the Find It! or hover over the Get Full Text to see that is says Ohio University. See images below for examples.

full text options in pubmed - FIND IT! is Ohio University full text options in ArticlesPlus

Plan B:

Easier access to the full text of journal articles via Google Scholar. We have a short video that you can use and share with your students that provide directions on how to sync the Libraries full-text.

Plan C: 

Double check ALICE for the journal title by going to the Library's homepage and clicking on the second, green tab: ALICE Catalog. Click on the drop-down menu and choose Periodical Title (AKA Journal title) and search for your article's journal. You can then see if we have an electronic access option and then find your article by year.

Plan D:

If all else fails, you can order the article via interlibrary loan (FOR FREE!) or check with Hanna, your librarian. If you have never used Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) you will find directions and tutorials here.

Requesting Books from Off-campus

COVID-19 update - See our self-pick up and request service options.

If you are near one of the regional campuses:

  1. Locate your book in the ALICE catalog (second green tab on the library's website)
  2. At the top, left of the book record page, there is a purple request button- click that
  3. Log in with your Ohio ID and password
  4. Choose a pickup location (One of the regional campuses you are close to)
  5. That's it! You will receive and email when it ready for pickup at the location you chose

If you are closer to another college or university:

  1. Locate your book in OhioLink by going straight to OhioLink or by searching ALICE for your book and then (on the right under additional sources) click on search OhioLink catalog
  2. To request the book, click on the green request button on the left
  3. Choose Ohio University for your affiliation
  4. Log in with your Ohio ID and password
  5. Before you submit, make sure to choose your pick up location!
  6. Dublin may want to consider OSU since you are near Columbus
  7. That's it! You will receive an email when its ready for pickup at the location you chose