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Physician Assistant

Resources that connect you to the information you need to succeed

Anatomy Tools

Clinical Key

Clinical Key is specifically designed with the clinical setting in mind with credible, quick health information, such as:

  • First Consult (Gives you diagnostic, drug, & condition information quick)
    • You can also download the mobile app, it's FREE!
  • Drug Monographs (Search, browse A-Z, Class, etc.)
  • Professional Guidelines (browse by specialty, authoring organization, or keyword search)
  • Patient Education (browse by specialty, authoring organization, language, or keyword search)
  • Multimedia (images, video, diagrams that are searchable by keyword or specialty)
  • Procedures Consult (search by specialty or keyword)

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There are MANY tools within AccessMedicine that are super advantageous, to name a few:

  • Quick Reference (Current Practice Guidelines, Diagnostic Tools, & Calculators)
  • Drug Information (Search A-Z, generics, classes, & patient handouts)
  • Multimedia (Videos & Images ofL Bedside & Office-Based Procedures, Pharmacology, Patient Safety, & more!)
  • Case Files (Pathophysiology, Resident Readiness, & More)
  • Self-Assessment Tools (Flashcards, Showdown, & over 15 other categories) 
  • Patient Education Tools( Adult & Acute Advisement)

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Medical Calculators

screenshot of the medical calculator options In the database AccessMedicine, under Quick Reference, you can get to a variety of calculators for:

  • BMI
  • Absolute Neutrophil Counts
  • Coronary Heart Disease Risk
  • IV Infusion Rate
  • IBW (Ideal Body Weight)
  • Temperature Conversion
  • and More!