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The purpose of this guide is to highlight resources in Nursing, and to provide research guidance and tips.

Library 101 Tutorial: Nursing Video Series

Video one of a ten-video series all about nursing resources and how to be an efficient researcher.

Go here for a super quick library tour of generally where to find what on the library’s website

ArticlesPlus and Full-Text - ArticlesPlus is the first green tab and default search on the library’s homepage. This video will show you some features as well as show you how to get full-text to online content.

If you are looking for books or journals, then ALICE is the best place to search. This video will show you how.

This video highlights some of my favorite resources that are specific to nursing. It will also highlight some features of each of the resources and general tips.

You have an assignment that says, “Pick a topic that relates to nursing and is current.” And you’re thinking, “I have no idea where to start.” This video tells you where to start when it comes to brainstorming and getting your topic off the ground.

This video focuses on taking your topic and how to search for it in databases. It’s not the same as searching Google, so this video walks you through that transition.

CINAHL and PubMed are two of the places you will be searching in most, so this video highlights these two resources in more detail.

Zotero will save and cite all of your resources for you!

Full instructions to download and use Zotero is on the Zotero Guide.

Zotero at-a-glace video:

Hi! I just wanted to give more of a personal touch and let you know what my face looks like. I’m here to help and am willing to meet with your virtually or chat or email or answer any of your questions (

Library 101 Video Series Survey