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RFM 3830: Product Development, Evaluation, and Distribution

This guide follows the Product LIne Development Project for this class

Psychographics: Articles Plus is Next

Articles Plus is a good place to dig

for information about what a certain population needs, wants, or feels.   We might discover a need that clothing design can address.  In order to find such information, we will have to play the word game, trying various combinations of terms until something emerges.  Here are terms to help you search: 

Mix and Mash these terms in Articles Plus to find information on your target population

Population:  elderly

(Change this column to match your topic)

Clothing Words

Psychographics Words


aged clothing psychology  
senior dress attitude  
mature attire perception  
older costume preference  
ageism textile lifestyle  
elder fashion social  
baby boomer wearable personal  
  apparel body image