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Industry & Market Research Basics Tutorial

Industry & Market Research Basics Tutorial


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Tutorial Description & Learning Objectives

The Industry & Market Research Basics Tutorial is a required component of the Business Cluster.  The tutorial is also useful for general orientation for MBA students or anyone else who wants to develop business research skills. 

  This 60-minute interactive tutorial is designed to give researchers foundations in 

  • finding industry reports and statistics,
  • understanding consumer information including demographic and psychographics,
  • identifying companies and competitors in the industry,
  • and analyzing local market consumer and industry trends. 

At the end of the tutorial, students will receive a certificate of completion and a score.  

The tutorial also complements my Industry Research Basics guide, as well as my guides for specific industries


Videos Used in the Tutorial

If you have not taken the tutorial, the videos below will be much more useful inside the full tutorial.   You should complete the tutorial to get the full learning experience.  

However, I've had several requests from students who wanted to re-watch the videos from the tutorial without having to re-take the full tutorial.   For those students, thanks for watching again!