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Business & Economics Tutorials

Level up your research skills or fulfill Guarantee+ Library Research Milestones

This guide contains tutorials that satisfy the Guarantee+ Milestone 2 & 3 requirements for all business and economics majors. 

Tutorials that are in the works:

  • Economics Milestone 3: Social Sciences Databases Tutorial (In Beta)
  • Entrepreneurship & Marketing (Summer 2022)
  • Accounting & Finance (Spring 2022)
  • International Business (Spring 2022)
  • MIS/Business Analytics (Summer 2022)
  • MGT & Leadership (Spring 2022)
Industry & Market Research Tutorial

Industry & Market Research Tutorial

  • finding industry reports and statistics,
  • understanding consumer information including demographic and psychographics,
  • identifying companies and competitors in the industry,
  • and analyzing local market consumer and industry trends. 

Sports Market Research Tutorial

Sports Market Research Tutorial

  • gathering general sports fan demographics
  • finding sports fan and consumer market research reports
  • interpreting sports fan and consumer product data
  • analyzing geographic areas to understand the local sports market