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SASM 3760: Sport Facility and Event Management

A guide for researching international markets and cities for sports venue bids

Tools for City Research

  • Search for your host city or country name to find relevant statistics.   
  • Search for Olympics, winter sports, etc. 
  • Don't forget to use the "Source Link" for the statistics to find additional information.
  • Search for your city, country, or topics such as "Olympics" in  Hospitality & Tourism Complete to get articles from travel and tourism publications.
  • Use Business Source Complete to find trade articles and reports about sports events, facilities, and cities.

Passport for Consumer, Lodging, Travel, & Tourism Info

Passport can be used to better understand the country, its consumers, and who might visit the country.

  • Use the Consumers tab to find Consumer Lifestyles of your host country
  • Use the Sports tab (found under Industries) to find Sports data and commercial sports sponsors
  • Find data and analysis of the lodging and hotel industries in your host country
  • Find Tourism statistics for your country, such as top visitors by country. 

Other Tourism and City Links

A collection of useful links for city and tourism data.

Search suggestions for City visitors and tourism information
  • City level data should be collected by the city governments
  • I usually just Google [insert city name] and tourism bureau or [insert city name] and visitor's center
  • Note that most cities will have a "Visit Our City" page directed toward tourists and other potential consumer vistors.
  • The cites may also have a  "do business here," "B2B", "business to business," or "plan your conference,event of convention here" pages, which are directed at businesses, companies, and organizations.