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SASM 3760: Sport Facility and Event Management

A guide for researching international markets and cities for sports venue bids

Before digging into a specific city for your bid, let’s look at resources to help you understand your broader international market or region as a whole.  The resources below give you an overview with essential country information.

Top Tools for Country Profiles and Background Information

Top Tools for Business Environment and Risk

Other Useful Links

Business Source Complete has several useful reports on business risk and ease of doing business.

  • Search for "country monitor" and your country name to find reports such as Argentina Country Monitor.
    • These reports give economic growth, political structure,  outlook, etc. 
  • Search for "country risk" and your country to find reports such as Argentina Country Risk Report
    • Reports cover topics including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, economic forecasts to 2026, and long-term political outlook.
Search Strategies for Passport
  • Use the search box in Passport and search for Business Dynamics in [insert your country name]
  • Also search for Economy, Finance and Trade [insert country]
  • make sure when you find a good report, use the "related" links on the left to find other relevant information