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International Business

Tips for international market analysis, doing business in other countries, international industries, and global expansion.

Identify Regional Partners, Industry Peers, & Competitors

You can use some company databases to find companies who operate in a particular region or who are headquartered in the region or country.  Many databases allow you to narrow the company lists by your own criteria, such as industry, revenues, employee size, company type, and more.  

You can use these resource to find competitors or industry partners within the international market.

D&B Hoover's

  • Use the "Build A Company List" feature with your own criteria to search by country, region, etc.
  • As an example, you can search for countries in Vietnam, and then use the "Business Signals" to limit further to companies that do business in the United States. 
  • D&B Hoover's covers large and small companies, but understand that no company database can possibly know about all the companies that exist. 


Mergent Intellect

  • Use Mergent to find complimentary companies (and some that are missing) to D&B Hoover's.
  • Use the Advanced Search feature, then use the limiters to find international companies by user-defined criteria (industry, size, revenues, etc.)