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International Business

Tips for international market analysis, doing business in other countries, international industries, and global expansion.

Gather Industry Analysis & Market Research

The resources below are the top places to look for international industry information. 

Note that it can be especially challenging to find industry analysis for international regions.  This is basically a result of the fact that most of our business resources come from U.S. content providers. However, due to the global nature of business, more international industry information is becoming more available.  


  • Passport is great for looking for consumer industry information.  Use the Industries tab to find relevant consumer industry analysis for international markets.
  • You can also use Passport to find production statistics for economies and industries. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when researching international markets for consumer product categories. Passport’s data dashboards make it easy to gather a quick understanding of how a consumer product category is performing around the globe. You can then dive deeper into more in-depth analysis and industry reports for the region.

  • First Research offers broad global insight (not by country) for industries.


  • Use Statista to find statistics about your industry and country.
  • Be sure to check out the "Source" tab for links to the original source of the statistic.