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Coffee Industry Research Guide

Essential tools and tips to understand the coffee industry

Consumers & Customers

Use these resources to better understand the coffee industry's consumers and customers.  These resources will provide consumer demographics, customer trends, buying behavior, and more. 

  • use either either the "I'm looking for" box to search for coffee, or use the Category to navigate to the appropriate category.
  • Navigating by Category can help you find additional reports that you might have missed.
  • Make sure you look at the Interactive Databook for consumer demographics as well as purchasing/usage behaviors (psychographics).
  • Use Simmons to build a demographic profile for people who drink specific coffee brands 



  • Browse to Industries, then to Hot Drinks, to find statistics and analysis
  • Specific reports I recommend include Hot Drinks in [Insert Country], Coffee in [Insert Country] and Other Hot Drinks in [Insert Country].
  • Passport contains industry reports for all major markets and countries, including the US