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Coffee Industry Research Guide

Essential tools and tips to understand the coffee industry

Companies & Competitors

Use the resources below to gather a better understanding about the companies in the coffee industry.

Start by looking for information about the larger or publicly-held companies first, since it is a lot more challenging to find private company information. Note that many coffee brands will be held by large food companies, so it may be challenging to find granular segmented company information. 

  • Search for a known company using the basic search to find a basic company profile with financial information, news, stock reports, and more.
  • Use the competitors tab to find additional companies to analyze. 
  • Search for larger companies in the industry to find information. 
  • For larger public companies, the SWOT analyses and analyst reports can give you insight in how the company is addressing industry conditions.
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry code to create a list of companies in the industry
  • You can use this to build a list of companies or competitors by location


  • Use the Filters in Privco to search for "Coffee" as a keyword while limiting to the "Food & Beverage Producers" industry sector
  • This will yield a list of top private companies in the industry