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Clothing Retail Industry Guide

The ultimate guide to researching men's, women's, and children's clothing and accessories retail

Local Market, Industry, and Company Information

Use the resources below to gather information about the clothing retail industry in a local market (city, county, state, zip code, etc.) .  Local market data includes:

  • Industry financial averages, ratios, and statistics for some industry sectors
  • Clothing retail companies in the local market
  • General demographics and economic characteristics of the region
  • Consumer demand, trends, and buying behavior for clothing and accessories

Bizminer is very useful to gather industry financial ratios and averages for the sectors of the clothing retail industry at the state, city, county, or even zip code level (when available)

  1. Click the "All Industry Search Tools" button
  2. Click on the NAIC Sector under Industry Drilldown for "44-45 Retail Trade"
  3. Click on "448 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores."
  4. Find a relevant industry on the next page.
  5.  Choose one of the following
    • Industry Market Report
    • Competitive Market Narrative
    • Local Financial Reports


Types of reports

  • Industry Market Report - This is useful for finding competitors, map,  startup market share, cessation (going out of business) rates, sales, and more.  
  • Competitive Market Narrative - This report takes the data from the Industry Market Report and compares it to national data in paragraph form.
  • Local Financial Reports -  Typically only available for states and larger cities.  Contains local/regional industry averages  including balance sheet, profit-loss, and ratios.
  • Use the Advanced Search to search by Industry code to identify companies
  • From the Advanced Search Page:
    1. Click on Industry
    2. In the SIC Tree, browse to (5) Wholesale & Retail Trade"
    3. Select the Drop-Down Menu for (56) Apparel and Accessory Stores
    4. Continue filtering until you find the industry sector you are looking for.  
    5. Check the boxes to add industries to your search, and then select "Add to Criteria" at the bottom of the page.
    6. Click search, or go back to the top of the page to limit by location, size, or other criteria. 
  • Note that sometimes you can go too granular and not get enough results.  If this is the case, go up one level in the SIC tree to select a broader industry sector.
  • Use SimplyAnalytics to know how many people in your market area buy clothing, types of clothing, amount spend in the region, and more.
  • Also use to find data on the general demographic and economic characteristics of the region
  • You can create data of the region and lists of the businesses in the area

Sample search

  1. From the data tab, search for clothing, suit, a national brand store, etc. 
  2. Limit your results by Category as desired. 
  3. Choose from the available variables to add to your reports, maps, etc. 

A screenshot of SimplyAnalytics demonstrating the search described above